Beginner’s Course

Anyone 12 years or older can participate. If you have special needs, discuss them with us before you sign up for a course. Our instructors are all accredited coaches with Archery Australia.

We run beginner’s courses for the price of $100.00 per person ($80 for under 18-year-olds), for three 2 hour sessions over three weeks, usually on Sundays. The fees cover insurance, equipment and instruction.

Beginner’s courses require no prior knowledge and take you through the basics of shooting, safety, equipment and technique. Upon completion, you have qualified to join any archery club registered with Archery Australia.

Beginner’s courses provide all equipment. We use recurve bows for practice. We will introduce other bows in the last session. If you already own a bow, you may be able to use it subject to an instructor’s approval. It is recommended that you do not buy equipment before completion of the course.

Attendees of courses should wear comfortable but tight-fitting clothes. Your shoes must have closed toes (no open sandals). Long hair must be tied up and dangling earrings removed. During the summer months, sunscreen and a narrow-brimmed had are recommended. Bring a water bottle or other refreshments. If you forget, the tap water in the clubhouse is quite drinkable. We also keep soft drinks in the fridge for a small price.

Under-age participants must be accompanied by and adult.

If you miss a session, we cannot promise an alternative, but you may be able to participate in the corresponding session in the following course. If you miss more than one session, you will need to book another course if you wish to complete the course and get the certificate.

All sessions need to be completed successfully in order to receive the certificate.

Book now for the May-June Beginner’s Course, running 26 May, 2 June, 9 June 9am to 11am.

Come and Try Sessions 90min $20.00 minimum age 10 and up

Come and try sessions are organised on request, subject to availability of coaches. These sessions do not earn you a certificate, just a taste of archery. You still have to complete the beginner’s course to join an archery club. Duration is 90 min no prior experience is necessary. You will be supervised by a certified archery coach and after short safety induction you will be on your way shooting arrows.

Please note Yarra Bowmen is run entirely by volunteers and the money raised from the courses we run goes towards improving the club for all to enjoy!