Guidelines for Members

Registered Club Members and Visitors must sign in on the attendance book in the club room. This is a condition of the club’s insurance policy and participation guidelines. A failure to comply can open the club to liability or void our insurance coverage.

If you are the last club member leaving for the day, ensure that all lights are switched off, all equipment is safely stored in the appropriate storage sections, and all doors are secured and locked prior to your departure.

All club members and participants are required to abide by Archery Victoria’s Code of Conduct and Archery Australia’s Membership Terms and Conditions when they are on the club’s grounds, or they will be politely asked to leave.

Access Code

The club uses coded padlocks for the security of the clubhouse and target sheds. Financial club members are provided with the code, usually via e-mail. The code must not be passed on to any one under any circumstances.

It is a requirement of our insurance policy that we protect the code from misuse. Members who do not follow this rule may have their membership revoked depending on the decision of the Club Committee.

If you unlock the doors make sure that you “scramble” the lock so that non members cannot read the code of the lock. Remember that you are responsible for the protection of the code.

When the Club Committee decides that the code needs to be changed, an e-mail will be sent with the new code ahead of the actual change. Please use the old code until it stops working, then try the new one.

Member’s Benefits
  • Use all club facilities
  • Shoot during opening hours, 7 days a week.
  • Attend events, workshops, and training
  • Actively participate in the club’s future new ideas suggestions always welcome
  • Use club equipment such as bow press, tuning tools, bows and arrows after with prior arrangement.